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Canadian National Instrument 52-109 and COSO 2013: Cyber Security Risk Management

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When it comes to cyber security, look no further than COSO 2013 for guidance. For companies listed on North American Stock Exchanges, cyber security is becoming an ever more important risk factor to be managed.  National Instrument 52-109, Quarterly and Annual CEO/CFO Certifications certifying officers are “responsible for establishing and maintaining disclosure controls and procedures (DC&P) and internal control over …

COSO 2013 Principle 1 & VW: Basic Ethics and Business

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COSO The Internal Control – Integrated Framework (2013) Principle 1 states “The organization demonstrates a commitment to integrity and ethical values.” As part of this principle, there is a discussion of oversight to better understand  that “Performance goals that create incentives or pressures to compromise ethical behavior”.   Most people find what VW did to be really unbelievable, mainly because they had such a …

TSX-Listed Companies – “Hot Topics” for Boards & Management

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All TSX-listed entities are being evaluated for effective corporate strategy, good governance, strong risk management and solid financial results. It is a daunting challenge to meet/exceed shareholders expectations while ensuring adequate safeguards, best business practices and regulatory compliance. Boards and Senior Officers of companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) are under the “market microscope”. Starting 16 June 2015 the …