Press Release – 13 DEC 2018 – Cannabis Industry: All Eyes On You

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Cannabis Industry: All Eyes On You

Seminar For Publicly-Listed Companies to Weather Potential Challenges to Disclosures and Certifications

TORONTO, Canada – Dec 13, 2018 /CNW/ – Issues Central, Inc. today announced web seminars in early 2019 for the Cannabis Sector entitled “Can Your Company Withstand a Challenge to Its Disclosures and Certifications?” These seminars are targeted at Directors, CEOs, CFOs and Senior Officers of Cannabis-related entities that are listed, or are planning to go public, on Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges.

“The Cannabis sector is under intense market scrutiny,” says Catherine Connally, President of Issues Central, Inc. “There have been over 200 financings in 2018 on Canadian exchanges in the last eleven months, raising over $ 2.5 billion. Many more from the U.S., Israel, as well as Canada, are also investigating raising equity. It’s a boom time. However, many industry booms cause higher risks.”

At the world’s largest Cannabis-related business conference, MJBizCon, held November 13 – 16, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, 27,600 attendees from 70 countries took part in seminars and visited over 1,000 exhibitors providing products and services to the Cannabis sector. According to the conference organizer, Marijuana Business Daily, in 2012 there were just over 400 attendees.

“The energy at the Conference was positive,” says Connally, “but what struck our team was the constant discussion about raising money in Canada and the race to acquire valuable assets, intellectual property and market leverage. It felt a lot like the tech/internet boom in the 90s and earlier booms in industries such as mining.”

The legalization of recreational Cannabis across Canada is spurring other countries, and many U.S. states, to examine their policies regarding health and wellness; expanded medical uses; jobs and tax revenue. It is also attracting large multinationals from the alcohol, tobacco, food and beverage, and pharma sectors to evaluate their participation in the sector.

“Amidst the sector’s enthusiasm, there is a need for companies to assess their readiness, and the robustness of their processes, to provide the market with timely and accurate financial and qualitative information which fairly presents the status of the business,” says Connally. “A loss of confidence by investors may have serious consequences for the board of directors and senior management.”

As highlighted above, Issues Central, Inc. will be hosting a one-hour, web-based seminar entitled “Can Your Company Withstand a Challenge to Its Disclosures and Certifications?” on January 24, 2019 (2pm-3pm Eastern) and February 21, 2019 (2pm-3pm Eastern). Registration instructions, agenda details and speaker profiles can be found at the company’s website –

Issues Central, Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, since 2003, provides corporate governance, financial compliance and risk management consulting and orientation for companies listed on global stock exchanges. Other services include expert witness and consulting services in Canadian and cross-border class action cases to defend the boards and senior officers of listed entities.

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