CEO/CFO Certifications: Is your TSX Listed Company Declaring an Expired Framework?

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To find out if your company needs to update is NI 52-109 certifications, click here for our short video which discusses all the details.

Is Your TSX-Listed Company Declaring an Expired COSO Framework?

Upcoming Webcast on COSO 2013 To help TSX listed entities rapidly get up-to-speed with COSO 2013, the team at Issues Central, Inc. is providing the following:

Wednesday July 22, 2015 at 11am Eastern Time: Webcast (90 minutes) “The New COSO 2013 Framework and the Impact on NI 52-109 CEO/CFO Certifications” .Click here for registration information.

Or, if you need additional information please contact Charley Best (Vice President) at Issues Central, Inc.
Direct: + 1 (416) 520-0303