Catherine Connally presents in Bogota, Colombia November 15 at American Bar Association 2016 Americas Forum

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November 15  – American Bar Association 2016 Americas Forum

The Cycle of M&A Transactions in Latin America – Doing the Deal, Regulatory Requirements and Post-Completion Risks Such as Expropriation.

This panel will discuss the whole investment cycle that foreign investors have to address when investing in Latin America. The speakers will analyze the challenges that both North American and European foreign investors as well as ‘Multilatinas’ (Latin American companies that are leaders in their markets) encounter when doing cross-border acquisitions in other Latin American countries.

The panel will also address the regulatory challenges that arise from the intersection of laws in different jurisdictions and the conflict that may arise between the regulatory obligations in the country of origin of the investors and those of the host country.  The challenges arising from a corporate expropriation and the new tools to fight it under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act, the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act and the Alien Tort Claims Act, will also be discussed.

Panel Chair:

Diego Muñoz – Tamayo, Munoz Tamayo & Associates, Bogotá, Colombia


Hermann Knott, Luther, Cologne, Germany

  • Lina López, Grupo Sura, Bogotá, Colombia, and/or María Mercedes Ibáñez, Compañía de Seguros Bolívar, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Eduardo Benavides, Berninzon & Benavides, Lima, Peru
  • Simon Bieber, Wardle Daley Bernstein Bieber, Toronto, Canada
  • Cathy Connally, Issues Central Inc., Toronto, Canada
  • Amanda M. McGovern, Rivero Mestre, Miami, FL

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