Optional Software Solutions

In order to support cost-effective consulting and sustainable compliance for our global customers, we have created two unique proprietary software products to aid in the areas of enhancing financial compliance with NI 52-109/SOX 404 as well as strengthening financial reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

These products are used 1) by our consulting teams to rapidly undertake various consulting engagements in the areas of Internal Controls/Risk Management, NI 52-109 and SOX 404, and IFRS Reporting and Disclosures, or 2) optionally used by our clients to provide affordable ongoing infrastructure in these same key areas.

These products include:

  • CFO PARTNER for Internal Controls Documentation and Testing
  • CFO PARTNER for NI 52-109 Compliance
  • CFO PARTNER for SOX 404 Compliance
  • CFO PARTNER for Emerging Markets Risk Management
  • IFRS PARTNER for IFRS Financial Reporting and Disclosures
  • IFRS PARTNER Financial Reporting – Works with all Accounting Systems and Trial Balance Data

All products are provided on an annual subscription basis with updates and can be configured for a server or for a laptop. The products also work with the latest Microsoft Office to provide high quality documentation. A web-based demonstration can be provided to highlight how each of these solutions can enhance your company’s corporate governance and compliance practices.

To request additional information and a product demonstration please send us your questions and contact details.  Request Information and a Demonstration, our team will contact you shortly.

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